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Dental Implants 89103

Dental implants 89103 allow our cosmetic dentist to fit an artificial tooth without the drawbacks often associated with dentures. At Reflection Dental in Las Vegas, a dental implant may be considered as a replacement for a missing tooth, or one that needs to be removed. As with any cosmetic dental procedure you should consult your dentist 89103 first to agree what is the best option to suit your needs.

In the case of a dental implant, a replacement to the tooth root is implanted directly into the bone socket where the original tooth root used to be. This part is made of titanium and is designed to last a lifetime. The process is not fast however as the bone needs to heal before further work can be carried out. The jawbone will grow naturally around the implant, making the connection even more secure. This will take around six to 12 weeks. Once your dentist at Reflection Dental Spring Valley, NV is happy the implant is tightly secured, he will fix an abutment, to which a crown is attached. The end result is a tooth which looks feels and behaves just like a normal tooth, restoring that happy smile once more.

So long as you have healthy gums and good oral hygiene, then Reflection Dental Las Vegas would be able to fit you with a dental implant. Once fitted they need to be treated just like a normal tooth in terms of brushing, flossing and rinsing with anti-bacterial mouthwash.

Reflection Dental 89103 consider the following to be some of the benefits of dental implants

  • They give you the self-confidence to smile again
  • You can eat normally and without pain
  • With proper care they will last a lifetime
  • Look and feel of real teeth
  • Completely independent of your teeth leading to better oral health

Compared to dentures there are other benefits

  • No discomfort or inconvenience of removing and replacing them
  • Normal speech without fear of slipping
Before dental implants Patient Case 5Before
After dental implants Patient Case 5After
Before implants Patient Case 6Before
Before implants Patient Case 6After
Patient Case 7 before dental implantsBefore
Patient Case 7 after dental implantsAfter
Patient Case 4 before implantsBefore
Case 3 before dental implantsBefore
Case 3 after dental implantsAfter
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